Who we are

All about people.

Hi, this is evrbit – a team of full stack developers, strategists, UX, game design and project experts from Cologne. We admire the expertise of our colleagues, but above all, we value the diverse backgrounds that enrich our team. Over 20 years ago, our founders were already deeply involved in digital and art projects and hence at the forefront of digital transformation. Other colleagues brought games to app stores, shot exciting television documentaries, worked in mathematics, and collaborated with North American researchers. We are all united by the desire to experiment, and the passion to create new things every day. We love taking the first step.

Our Philosophy

„Always evolving“. We understand that innovation requires constant adaptation. Sometimes, innovation comes by accident, or from following a gut-feeling, but it always centers around the needs of people. We view digital transformation as an ongoing process in cultural life, an enhancement of an approachable environment. This is why much of our time and effort is spent on research and development, ensuring that our implementation of connected experiences leads to sustainable, lively processes and products. That’s why we think digitisation and connected experiences should be available and easy to use for all. We support this with smart and seamless access to leading-edge technology.

„In challenging times,
we bring analog and digital
worlds together.“

Scope of Services

Ideation, Exploration & Conception

  • Business analysis, strategy consulting for digital touch-points
  • Design thinking based exploration and conception
  • Demonstration & Prototyping
  • Fast demo development based on evrsync framework
  • Direct prototyping for user testing, management approval, and definition of MVP production & operations
  • Holistic development of software, hardware, and design including backend infrastructure and enabler
  • Implementation, testing, launch – Continuous operation, maintenance, and enhancements

How we work

Our project phase design includes customer involvement throughout its entirety. Guaranteeing an openness for ideas and developments, we maintain a constant exchange with clients. From concept to development teams, we work iteratively hand-in-hand, offering quick exploration spikes. Customers can comment on a project’s interim status at any time, as apps and prototypes are consistently available for review. With our purpose-oriented approach, we always achieve the best possible results for our customers using digital technologies.

Your evrbit core team

CEO, Co-Founder
Concepts & UX

CIO, Co-Founder
Software Development & Programming

CTO, Co-Founder
Backend & Programming

Products & Operations

Projects & Finance

Strategy & Culture

Concepts, 3D & Game Design


Trainee Development

Web Development

Internship Development

Junior Developer

Junior Developer

Junior Developer

Junior Designer

Welcoming & Wellbeing

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