AR Factory Tour – Demo Case


What kind of digital measures can a well-established craft business utilize in order to increase its visibility, and offer added value to customers?


In collaboration with the team at HerzbergMedia, we are currently working on an AR Factory tour for a well-known German knife manufacturer. We look forward to sharing further project details upon launch later this year.


In the meantime, we have built a demo version of an Augmented Reality tour featuring our „factory scale“ feature. It can showcase AR objects in their „life size“, as we digitally reproduce objects that are difficult to access, depicting them in Augmented Reality using photogrammetry. This creates a unique application that offers detailed insight into manufacturing processes.


We have repeatedly witnessed how fun and versatile Augmented Reality can be. On the one hand, it is a playful approach to the digital transformation process and a great partner for marketers and HR departments. On the other hand, it opens the world to the breathtaking machines and factories utilized by engineers and scientists. Such a digital AR tour offers a deeper dive into their fascinating, yet otherwise undisclosed processes.

Let’s take the first step!