Digital Escape Room


What measures can companies take in order to increase their visibility with new and existing employees?


We teamed up with our colleagues at bluebird. As a result we developed our Digital Escape Room, where we combine analog approaches with digital technologies and content. Customisable multiplayer games in VR and AR are embedded into an analog story. The use of mixed realities opens up completely new possibilities in varying game scenarios.


In 2019, we collaborated with a well-known German research institute on a national tour. We supported numerous recruting events with our Digital Escape Room.


evrbit’s unique technology enables simultaneous interaction between multiple users with AR and VR games and analog puzzles. This multi-user approach is particularly valuable for team-building or assessment centers. It is a playful approach to the processes of digitization and digital transformation. Best of all, such a technology package fits in a compact case, and is ready to use in no time. Because the Digital Escape Room is part of the zeitgeist, this is a future-oriented avenue for recruiting and employer branding.

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