VR Training Room – Dimension Beyond


How can we take advantage of virtual reality training rooms, while also taking into account personal wishes, requirements and experiences of the user?


Experiences have shown us that using virtual reality is not about offering fancy tools, but about enabling people. With that in mind, we have developed Dimension Beyond in cooperation with bluebird events. Dimension Beyond is a completely customizable Virtual Reality training/workshop setting for teams within the spheres of new work and digital transformation.


Virtual Reality is successful when it is intuitive to use. Therefore Dimension Beyond serves as a simplified entry into VR. A trainer hosts the workflow, while experts curate the content. This method ensures that teams can focus on what they excel at: generating new ideas and solutions. Notably, Dimension Beyond is always on the look-out for investors and customers for further development.


Today’s market is flooded with VR collaboration tools. Unfortunately, their approaches often focus on expert audiences, while isolating many first-time users with their overly-complex structures. With Dimension Beyond, we choose a moderated approach via our “Miss Moneypenny Interface”, offering constant support within the virtual world. No one is left behind in the digitization process.

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