How can football and its fans be supported during the current lockdown, in order to harmonize viewers, and also unify fans and teams?


Singing the team anthem together in a stadium is a must before every football game. It should also be possible during so-called „ghost games“. Together with BIRCH COVE, we released an expanded version of the Balkonsync app for Rewe and 1.FC Köln. Thanks to our evrsync stack, we enable thousands of football fans to sing the anthem wherever they are right before the game starts, together, in perfect sync.


Just in time for the official reopening of the Bundesliga, we are making fansync for 1. FC Köln available to the public. Football fans have the opportunity to experience the unique moment just before kick-off together, and sing the team anthem despite the lockdown.


Our evrsync technology works across different devices, and guarantees perfect sync. fansync can be adapted for every team and applied in a multitude of interesting ways. It is the digital, emotional enhancement of analog experiences, and supports programs as an interactive second screen application. fansync wants to strengthen the sense of community regardless of the current lockdown restrictions. Location and distance don’t matter, because we bring fans together.

YANA – An Emotional Narrative of Fans’ Interaction with fansync

As technologists, we are thrilled to have fansync used simultaneously by hundreds of thousands of users. It showcases our initial proof of concept, and that our idea works, while also highlighting the element of feeling. Technology can move users deeply, and that’s exactly why fansync works on such a massive scale. That special feeling just before kick-off, when we wait to sing our team anthem with thousands of other fans, is precisely what powerful moments are all about. In order to visualize this profound feeling, we have connected YANA with fansync. YANA stands for You Are Not Alone, and is an advanced storytelling tool that works with geo-based data. We use it to show how many FC fans are logged in worldwide, and ready to join you in singing “Wir stonn zo dir, FC Kölle”! The following video demonstrates how fansync unites fans within seconds, creating an absolutely unique experience.

Let’s take the first step!