VR Group Reactive Cinema


We have always viewed our VR Cinema as a type of social community aimed at increasing viewer involvement in a particular narrative. For such a project, who better to collaborate with, than the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, a top-tier film school in Germany.


During FMX 2018, we presented an early prototype of our Virtual Reality Group Reactive Cinema, which was later nominated for the 2018 Aurea Award. Users meet as abstract avatars in a virtual room, and can see what others are looking at. Together, they can interact with various objects in the room, with a common goal of, for example, starting movie playback.


The first interactive installation featured a mind-blowing CGI masterpiece titled “Conscious Existence” by artist and Animation Institute alumni Marc Zimmermann. Additionally, the technology implemented in our Group Reactive Cinema set a new sync record of 150 viewers/avatars.


VR Group Reactive Cinema – the future of storytelling? A series of seminars was launched in collaboration with the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, where our colleagues hold workshops and lectures. The Group Reactive Cinema is ongoing research and development, discussing the possibilities of bringing VR stories to a new level. A project that is constantly being refined.

Let’s do the first steps