Museum Installation


How can we make a 360° film accessible to museum visitors without raising staff costs?


To create a user-friendly implementation with minimized energy consumption, we eliminated the need for an Oculus Go controller. This lead us to develop a solo player that enables controller-free operation, saves battery life, and automatically starts within the app when a VR headset is put on.


After putting on the headset, a play button appears and starts the application through gaze control. Removing the headset initiates standby-mode. The next visitor can then start the experience themselves, making the installation fit organically into an exhibition.


With VR installations, it is important to closely monitor the synergy between content, technology and operation. A high-end VR headset promises improved imaging quality, but may needlessly complicate user operation. To us, ease-of-use is often underestimated by customers. Therefore, we prioritize an end-product that couples high satisfaction with a smooth workflow.

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