How can a city creatively showcase art and culture to the general public, and thereby increase its appeal?


With Augmented Reality (AR), Max Ernst’s paintings and sculptures will be presented in freely-accessible public spaces as part of a digital tour. In order to make this possible, we have developed an innovative prototype that implements AR in a tourism app for Brühl digital e.V. Content is provided by the city of Brühl.


Using our own AR framework for geo-based Augmented Reality installations, we navigate users in a service-oriented way from one AR station to the next. The Augmented Reality objects themselves are interactive and clickable. This makes it possible to view 3D objects, texts or movies as augmented reality experiences on the spot. With our in-house developed CMS system, content can be adjusted and replaced intuitively.


AR for inner-city areas makes culture an experience available to all, making it particularly attractive for use in tourism. The digital realm organically blends in with people’s everyday life and environment, playfully conveying experiences and, above all, knowledge. Photogrammetric replicas of people and objects (digital twin) are especially well-suited for Augmented Reality.

Geobased features meet Augmented Reality

Let’s take the first step!