Samsung AR Trainer


How can one carry out training when a product is not yet physically available? That’s what we’ve been asked, and our answer was rapid, reliable and radical.


For an internal presentation, we created a 3D model mock-up of Samsung’s newest flagship device in AR. Our impressive demo resulted in the development of an AR Trainer app for a wide range of Samsung smartphones, smart watches and tablets.


The result is an easy-to-use interactive app, initially intended for training purposes. At various Samsung internal events, users were delighted by our AR Trainer, now available for Android.


We work iteratively based on rapid prototyping. This know-how helps us build impressive mockups, and take customers along through the development process. AR offers great added value to various industries. For example, we can display expensive objects that might be difficult to access, and make them ”tangible” for training or marketing purposes.

Let’s take the first step!