Sesame Street



Growing up with our favorite Sesame Street characters, and now having kids of our own, we did not hesitate when the opportunity arose to support developing a German app version of Sesame Street.


In cooperation with the awesome team at TrickStudio Lutterbeck, we were responsible for the technical implementation and game concepts within the app. In 2019, the app was redesigned and significantly improved.


The result is an up-to-date app that fits the needs of children. Thanks to a visual interface, even pre-schoolers can navigate the redesigned app without reading, regardless of whether they want to watch entire episodes of Sesame Street or play various games.


People’s ways of interacting with media are constantly evolving, and we are at the cutting edge. The responsible use of media is particularly important to parents, and we have taken this into account while developing in-app games. Sesame Street is a showcase: even the youngest users are introduced to it’s content in a gentle and child-friendly way.

Let’s do the first steps