Telekom Magenta VR Kino Tour


Timing is key when taking bold steps, which is why we implemented our pioneering approach. Together with Deutsche Telekom’s Magenta VR department, we combined promoting their VR application with our vision of bringing Virtual Reality into movie theatres. Take a look at Telekom Magenta Tour


Our VR sync cinema tour allowed us to step into new territory. We were thrilled to see that VR filmmakers, as well as cinema operators were equally excited about this opportunity. Our screenings took place in full-sized theaters equipped with stunning surround sound, scheduled for four days a week, two slots per day, and with a premium, curated VR programme spanning 50 minutes.


With our sold-out 2019 Magenta VR Cinema Tour through four major German cities, hosting over 4000 viewers and 100 Oculus Go devices per location, evrbit and Deutsche Telekom have proven that this vision works.


Our VR sync cinema solution offers a low-threshold introduction to VR without the need for dedicated headphones. This is one of the primary requirements in opening the fascinating world of VR to everyone. Experiencing a new type of technology in a group setting actually greatly minimizes viewer’s uncertainty about that which is new. Therefore, we believe that digital tools need to be tangible, accessible, and intuitive to control, regardless of a person’s technical background.

Let’s take the first step!