Back to school! How can complex subjects be experienced first-hand and understood better?


In cooperation with educational publisher Cornelsen and Samsung, we developed an interactive, highly-scalable ENTER application aimed at biology classes. The app’s stand-out feature enables students to interact with one another using VR headsets and tablets. During classes, teachers can supervise, start, stop, and offer feedback at any time.


We aim to raise involvement and understanding of complex subjects through Virtual Reality multi-user scenarios with various roles. As a result, our VR pilot project received praise from numerous test schools across Germany, where both students and teachers were impressed! VR@school is great, and we are constantly looking for new project partners in this sector.


Part of our philosophy is not to use technology for the sake of technology, but to always identify connecting elements between the virtual and the analog world. In education, it is important to ensure sustained contact and vivid exchange between students and the teaching staff. We view this as the optimal way to guarantee smooth implementation into everyday life, and to provide the all-important feeling of confidence when interacting with VR technology.

Let’s do the first steps