Employer Branding Tool – YANA


How can we empower teams whose departments are spread out all over the world?


For a globally-operating logistics company, we used YANA, our geo-based application, as an innovative and straight-forward storytelling engine. The goal here is to establish an emotional narrative of company values, and to highlight strong diversity within the employer branding strategy.


The result was a web app optimized for mobile use based on React and OpenGL:

  • realtime geotracking of online service usage
  • realtime geo-based messaging for posting stories and links
  • push notifications for interacting with users
  • recording of timelapse data usage
  • filter systems for switching between data sources


An important key-phrase for us and future generations is one of connected experiences. The advantages of connected experiences for daily business are deeply rooted within YANA, which stands for “You Are Not Alone”. The underlying concept is a customizable service engine for brand advertisement, campaigns and events, and one that aims to offer rich location-based interaction for purposes of marketing, employer branding, tourism, or sales.

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