About making a mark.

We make things work. In order to make our mark on digital transformation processes and cultural change, we have to develop strategies and tools for shaping the digital future to explore new paths. Therefore, innovation is what drives us. With every project, we leverage visions to thrill crowds. Above all, we want you to tell your unique story. With this in mind, we enable people to use the power of new technologies. From consulting, rapid prototyping, VR mass operations, AR objects in life size, connected experiences, to storytelling with geobased data – we develop the unexpected to create moments that last.


evrsync chorus Web App

AR Trainer

AR App Development

Telekom Magenta Tour

VR Cinema

AR Demo Tour

Augmented Reality Life Size

Digital Escape Room

Mixed Realities Multiuser

Employer Branding Tool

Geo-location based Storytelling
Logistic company

Deutsche Bahn Connect

VR App
Deutsche Bahn / .HENKELHIEDL

Museum Installation

App Development VR Soloplayer
Badisches Landesmuseum

Dimension Beyond

VR Training Room Prototype
In-house development with bluebird

Open House Day

VR Cinema
Deutsche Bundesbank

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