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With our evrsync software for rapid prototyping and highly scalable products, we have created what everbody asked for: A flexible and holistic framework! In order to implement rapid prototyping and nurture an agile product development environment, we require system components that are modular, and highly adaptable. Consisting of front- and backend components, as well as our own network infrastructure, evrsync enables:

  • Device & data synchronization
  • Multi-user scenarios
  • Smart asset and user management
  • Automated cloning of client and server elements
  • Location-based services
  • Multiple location management
  • Statistic integration
  • Exchange of position and control data
  • Connection to IoT
  • Integration of heterogeneous device types and displays: AR, VR, 2D Apps

Products & Prototypes

Device Coupling

Connected Experiences across all platforms – For an awesome user journey.

Raspberry Pi in sync

Create video walls with Raspberry Pi, which are also feasible for a smaller budget.

Scaling Images

A smart and outstanding solution for your PoS systems and event engagement.

Multiscreen Magic

Asynchronous communications, synchronous playback: The secret behind this lies in the evrsync technology.

Digiwave for Stadiums

Think big! Bring your smartphone and be part of the greatest fan engagement event.

YANA feat. fansync

Based on evrbit’s storytelling tool YANA for geodata and the evrsync framework, it is easy to visualize solidarity actions for everyone. Share your emotions with fansync!

Robotic VR Coupling

evrsync meets Robotics: Thanks to the evrsync technology you can use virtual reality to control robot applications from your desk e.g. in production halls.

3D Animations – For smooth & organic Morphing

Developed by evrbit: A Unity plug-in that uses phonetics to control mouth movements and gestures.

evrsync: No limits, for all platforms

evrsync brings all platforms and devices together, totally in sync.

Digital Future

It happens between 1 and 0.

What we love most, is the moment when digital technologies become magical. Therefore, we mix various technologies in order to produce outstanding products and solutions. In doing so, we strive to keep it simple, which is why our applications streamline your workflow and put your vision within reach. The evrsync framework for rapid prototyping as well as our products work globally, are scalable, customizable, and enable remote asset management. Simply put, we establish harmony between the digital and analog world.

evrsync’s feature profile and cross-platform compatibility offer countless possibilities for connected experience and digital state orchestration. Selected evrsync solutions:

LSD Live Streaming Director: Cloud direction for viewer management at live events

evrsync Virtual Reality Cinema: A highly scalable, audio synchronous VR Cinema solution for the masses

YANA You are not alone: A location-based storytelling engine

fansync: Global synchronization of sports fan chants and parades

AR Multiplayer: Interact with multiple users on one AR object and modify it together

AR Galaxy: Product presentation and training in AR for Samsung flagship devices

ENTER (a project initiated by Samsung and Cornelsen) – VR@School: The stand-out feature enables students to interact with one another using VR headsets and tablets. Teachers can supervise, start, stop, and offer feedback at any time during a session.

Group reactive VR Cinema: Interact with 150 VR viewers on various objects in the room, with one common goal – Dimension Beyond VR Collaboration: a completely customizable VR training/workshop setting for teams within the sphere of digital transformation

evrsync offers digital tooling for transformation processes and innovation marketing. Drop by and chat about how we can implement your ideas.

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